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DWS Delting Park

DWS Cable Park


We do love Wake Boarding, we do love easy things and we absolutely love having fun. And hey! Who doesn’t, right? We were riders before becoming builders, so we designed, developed and implemented our main idea as you would do if you had time and were as willing as we were.


The DWS Two Towers System it is a very simple system, reliable and easy to operate. It’s not hard to build, but we will do this bit for you, so don’t worry for now. It is designed and manufactured in the simplest possible way, this does not only make things easier and faster when we build it, but it also makes it easier to adjust and repair if you have to.


We only use high quality materials under the CE most demanding standards, so don’t worry, you are safe! We’ve designed every component so it’s resistant to pretty much everything and they will last almost forever.


The main thing you have to do will be finding a nice spot, get the permits and make some time for us to come and make your dreams come true. Our team will come and build everything for you and guide you through every step of the process if you like doing things yourself. No brainer, no dramas!


Oh, and once it has been built and setup, you will be able to manage your DWS Bookings using your smart phone, tablet or computer. Don’t forget to make sure you have an internet connection and you are in business!


And last but not least, you will be able to operate your Cable Park wireless! Yes, you will get a very cool remote. You could even take it with you while riding the waves!

Online DWS Management

Our DWS Cable Parks can be fully managed online. Get your smart phone, tablet or computer, an internet connection and there you go! From enywhere in the world, you can actually manage your bookings and pretty much everything you need to be in business. Easy, isn't it??

Wireless Remote Control

Of course wireless! No cables hanging, just a very cool looking wireless remote. It’s water resistant and submergible. You can literally sit back at the bar and control your cable park! Oh, and it floats, for the clampsy ones…

Social Riding Network

Because we all love being involved in everything Wakeboarding related we have developed our own Social Riding Network. Join our community, buy second hand stuff, get in touch with other riders, see what's going on in other fellas Wake Board Parks, get social and join the community! Join us with a click!

DWS Re-Cycle Re-use

We love our environment, and so you do. That’s why we have implemented an innovative system that actually saves you money and looks after the environment. Our DWS energy cogeneration system it actually generates energy while you ride which it goes back to the net. Isn’t it a great deal for everyone?


All Terrain DWS System

No matter how rough is your backyard, or how difficult it looks it’s going to be to build your cable park, DWs can do it! We’ve done it before… Right in the middle of a desert? No worries, we can! Half way up to the hill? Of course we can! DWS adapts to your needs and the circumstances of your terrain, don’t be shy, just challenge us!

Rancho WakePark

More Info

If you really need to know more about this amazingly fun DWS Cable Park System, no worries. You can give us a call anytime or drop us a line, if we are going nuts with our wake boards, we will get back to you as soon as we get the boots off. In the meantime, click on the image and have a read. Get a cuppa tea, sit back, and relax…

some of our fav DWS parks

Delting Wake Park

Delting Wake Park is where everything started. Our first project, the one that would give name to our enterprise. This is the base camp for our system testings, new adjustments and improvements. Delting Park is surrounded by rice fields, a fantastic natural bay and very close to a wide and navigable river. We got the perfect environment and conditions to get our work done and to make sure our equipment is being tested under pretty much any possible condition. And yes we do have good fun too!

More info

Dakhla DWS Wake Park

DAKHLA ATTITUDE CABLE PARK officially started operations in March 2014 during the PKRA DAKHLA 2014 hosted by Dakhla Attitude. All the pro-riders joined us for unforgettable sessions and were impressed with the DWS 2.0 system tag we installed and with the quality of the complete set up. Nobody could believe such a cable park in the middle of the desert!

The DACP is a 140x45M pool with a 2.0 DWS system. Our 2 big kickers, box and rooftop will challenge even the most advanced riders. For beginners and kids 2 small kickers are available anytime. DACP is open all year long and it operates from 10amM till 8pm.

More info

Rancho Edition Wake Park

Rancho Wake Park is the latest DWS project in Riudoms area (Tarragona, SPAIN). Wakeboarding, water skiing and many other activities will be on the menu. Classes, monitoring, summer campuses, bar and restaurant are some of the “amusements” the park owners are working on. It is the first Wake Park featuring two pools and two water levels. Rancho Wakepark is one of the most technical cable parks in Spain due to the up-rails joining the two pools.

More info


Some canned ideas to move forward quick-smart. Remember these are only suggestions, our DWS Cable Parks are totally customizable. You can make up your own modular setup. Send us an email or give us a call for more info.

  • Basic

  • 17.900 Turnkey Project
  • Two Tower DWS System + settings & control software (smart phone and tablet)  + pool-gap

  • More Info
  • Rider

  • 20.900 Turnkey Project
  • BASIC Option + submergible & floating DWS Special remote + Recycle System
  • More Info
  • Pro

  • 24.900 Turney Project
  • RIDER Option + Extension Tower + 11,5 kW Extra Power for cables over 190m between towers
  • More Info

Shipping and Installation

Shipping costs not included. Usually around 900€ worldwide, depending on volume and weight. Installation from 1.500€. If you have any questions, give us a call or drop us a line. Our super friendly staff will het back to you in no time!

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