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DWS Delting Park

DWS Concept

The DWS Water Park Concept

We had long thoughts about this section… Was it going to be just an “about” like every other single webpage in the world, or wanted we to give an idea of what’s all this DWS about? We are dreamers, we love riding waves and doing tricks hitting the kickers! Back in 2008 when the crisis ruthlessly hit Spain, unemployment was a common reality and we didn’t have a job anymore, but we did have a dream. We did love wake boarding and we did love having FUN. Well, we did and we do! Who doesn’t?


We were born in a beautiful area within Spain, we got rivers, ocean, waves and wind. We started riding those waves in the ocean ages ago, and all of a sudden we had the dream. The dream was getting bigger every day, so we stopped wondering how good it could be and we started making it come true! We knew we could use our skills in building and construction and our knowledge in Engineering, to develop something that was going to make us both having fun and a new and exciting way of living.


So we put in the mixer our ideas and dreams: wake, water, fun, outdoors and lifestyle… Slowly but surely, we walked our way through to achieving what DWS is today. We implemented a revolutionary system that was going to allow us to wake boarding all year long whatever the conditions were. And we were going to make it self-funding. Easy right? We were going to have fun while making some money, good deal! Things were going great, and new ideas came into the original concept. Our first cable park started getting very popular and our customers started asking for more activities and fun, so there we were working closely with them to implement something we call today DWS Waterparks.


We’ve done the hard work already, going through the same process we did it’s not going to cost anyone nearly as much money as we invested, and it is not going to take nearly as much time, now we know what’s the right path to follow. And what is more important, we truly understand how important money is (because we didn’t have any when we started) so we’ve made things VERY easy (and cheap) for anyone who wants to follow our steps. Are you wondering what’s the payback time of your inversion? No worries, we know and will let you know!
We like the idea of designing, developing and building places where people can have FUN, get away from real world headaches and DREAM!


We never stopped dreaming, and we never will. Get in touch, tell us your idea, we will give you a hand making your dream come true. Get a free budget for your custom DWS Park, let’s make your dreams happen!

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