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DWS Delting Park

About Us

From our Standard 2.0 System, we build cable parks that adapt to your project.

Our team will visit your installation free and advice from the first moment. We will build the system that suits your project. Or then, take this information and start your project.

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Our Projects

We ask our clients what their dream is... We study together what kind of project you have in mind.

Work for your dreams

We started like you, drawing on paper everything we wanted to be our cable park. Only need drawing your dreams.

We visit the spot

We visit your spot for draw together the perfect plan for build your perfect cable park that adjust to your dreams.

Management of project

We propose different projects, no matter how many. We work together until we find what the client wants.

Construction Timing

We minutely follow delivery times. The most important for us is the cable park starts billing. Are you ready?

We were the first to build a cable park in countries like Morocco or Colombia.

Do you have a dream? We can build it for you

Do you want to know what is the secret for the succes?

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Our Strategy

Our objective is the relationship with the customer that allows us to achieve the common objective by creating a unique cable park.

We try to create water parks with innovative services that help our clients solve their problems at the beginning. In this way we will greater success in the area where is located.

We do this responsibly. Nothing is more important for us that building in a responsible with the environment.

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Fully Responsive

We have three strategic priorities

Customer Focus, Innovation and Environmental Responsibility.

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